Logistics and transportation

Other than procuring our building capabilities and supplying different kinds of products, equipment and services; we offer logistics and transportation services.

Imdad’s transport and logistical solutions has for long been a great success to us. Having our own vehicles and automobiles, helps us utilize our functions within the business. Moreover, we offer our services as a third-party logistics support. We are able to transport any product from anywhere in the kingdom of Jordan to anywhere around our region, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries.

Logistics and transportation:

  • Transportation Pickup Trucks – 20
  • Transportation Diana’s - 15
  • Transportation L.B’s – 45
  • Transportation Trailer’s - 10

Having 6 different warehouses in different locations around the kingdom of Jordan helps us utilize our logistics and transportation utilities within the region we are located in. We have a great experience with transportation of goods to remotely located destinations, which give us an advantage of timely arrival of products.

Moreover, transportation is not only made on a product level. We use big shuttle buses to transport people to different destinations as well as small sized cars to transport individuals. This kind of service has been on our top list due to the disastrous, fluctuation situation happening in our region, which made us aware of the importance of this service sector in our portfolio.

Our warehouses:

  • 4000 m2 in Sahab
  • 2000 m2 in Sahab
  • 1750 m2 in Rajeeb
  • 1638 m2 in Abu Alanda
  • 1200 m2 Zarqa Free Zone
  • 1000 m2 Zarqa Free Zone