What We Do

We offer you a variety of solutions related to construction, infrastructure and facilities management. We offer high-end solutions in:


Full Site Construction and Services

We have the experience to provide modern, top quality and high specification buildings and tents. These include steel structure, prefab buildings and concrete structure. We design and help shape your ideas to ensure that you take the full advantage of what our modular, outstanding structures can offer. Our modular buildings are designed and built ... Read more

Dislodging and Water Services

Since 2012, Imdad Total Site Services has regulated the water and dislodging services for many NGO’s such as (ACTED, UNICEF, UNHCR and OXFAM) in Zaatari & Azraq Camps. Imdad’s Fleet of Water & Dislodging Trucks consists of 100 Trucks and over 100 employees dedicated to the services 7 days a week 24 hours a day around the clock. Read more

Logistics and transportation

Other than procuring our building capabilities and supplying different kinds of products, equipment and services; we offer logistics and transportation services. Imdad’s transport and logistical solutions has for long been a great success to us. Having our own vehicles and automobiles, helps us utilize our functions within the business. Moreover, ... Read more


Our capacity in repacking products has been exceptional for the past few years. Imdad has more than 11,588 Square meters of warehousing space. At this capacity, we are able to deliver more than 15,000 packages a day. Currently, we have procured more than 850,000 boxes including winterization kits, hygiene kits, food commodities, baby kits, kitchen ... Read more

Cleaning & Maintenance

Imdad Total Site Services is one of the leading companies in the industry in regards of Sanitation, sterilization and cleansing. The preservation and upkeep it has provided to its previous clients and still does proves the quality of its endeavors by the continuous performance of the highest standards. Imdad Total site services has implemented ... Read more


Catering and Food Supply

Supplying food to our customers is one of our core competencies at Imdad. Having our own bakery and restaurants, with the vast experience in supplying food through catering services is the secret to our success. We had huge numbers of projects in which we had to supply food for our customers. For example, back in 2013, we used to serve 36,000 hot ... Read more