About Us

IMDAD is a Jordan based company specialized in importing an array of food items. We pursue to retain and control with the escalation of demand in this field. IMDAD strives to increment its distributions share in the local market and sales points, where it will expand the food rations provided to consumers, and cover families’ daily needs. 

IMDAD aspiration is to administer a state of the art services for customers by offering the best quality at competitive prices, along with an extensive variety of food items. To guarantee the finest quality, Imdad produces and imports food items from high end resources in the world; where they are packaged, prepared and produced with a state-of-art machinery, under the name of (حبة بحبة); our known brand’s slogan for its colorful star.

IMDAD’s elements is its competent dedicated organization and great distribution to provide a leading customer service in the local market and exporting markets. Also, the company has the latest production lines to offer the best product for consumers, under strict health control and supervision during the production and shipping process.