Our capacity in repacking products has been exceptional for the past few years. Imdad has more than 11,588 Square meters of warehousing space.

At this capacity, we are able to deliver more than 15,000 packages a day. Currently, we have procured more than 850,000 boxes including winterization kits, hygiene kits, food commodities, baby kits, kitchen kits, medical kits and school kits.

Working under pressure in this dynamic atmosphere around our region has been of a challenge to us. Having an efficient purchasing department, alongside the collaboration of the other departments within Imdad Company has enabled us to overcome this challenge and deliver our products on time to the desired destinations.

At our company, we follow a simple philosophy of focusing all our strengths on delivering high quality medical equipment supported by exceptional service that contributes to a healthier society. Maintaining a corporate, social and environmentally responsible stance is an integral part of Imdad’s everyday business ethic.

By continuously striving for the highest standards throughout our business, we maintain an impeccable quality & service record. With vast knowledge and technical expertise in sourcing Medical supplies globally and procuring only within our audited network; we strive to meet any demand in local market shortages in medical level and emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics.